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Greetings Excellers!

I'm currently working on a workbook with lots of UDFs and other volatile functions. Trust me, I've done my research and the UDF/volatile function mode is the preferred method in this instance. (The key phrase is "in this instance.") I also have other workbooks where macros/recalculations take extended periods. Recalcs take exponentially longer if more than one workbook is open. And occasionally I turn off automatic calculation which I know can cause all kinds of headaches that I should warn users about.

My question to all of you is: How do you communicate this information to users? I have tried inserting a "Read Me" sheet in workbooks but it never gets read. If the workbook already has macros I've inserted messages when the workbook is opened. How do you handle this?


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I create a "front page" for my user workbooks. It includes stats for the data, instructions, known bugs, as well as noted comments so they click the correct things. Generally format it in a way that is appealing to look at and organized. That way the user is more inclined not to skip the important stuff.


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if you wanted to be a stickler you could create a password that someone can only know if they read your readme

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