Comparing two columns to another two columns with similar data


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Apr 1, 2015
Hello everybody,

I need to compare two areas with two columns each . First column is full of dates, and the second has names in it. Both columns in both areas are already sorted A to Z.
Areas are similar to each other, but some names/dates combinations can appear in one area, and not in another.
Needless to say, I can not merge both columns into one and compare only two columns instead of four, due to already too big file size.
I need a code that compares all 4 columns. If both columns are with same data, do nothing, but if something is on the left (and not on the right) then do sub1 (insert row on the right), and if something is on the right (and not on the left) then do sub2 (insert row on the left). I don't need these two codes for sub1, and sub2. I wrote them already.

start - input data

finish - output data

Thank you all,

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Apr 8, 2009

Welcome to the MrExcel forum.

1. What version of Excel, and, Windows are you using?

2. Are you using a PC or a Mac?

You are posting pictures/graphics/PNG files. This means that if this was a problem where one needed to use your data, anyone trying to help you would have to enter the data manually. That makes no sense.

To start off, and, so that we can get it right on the first try:

Can you post a screenshot of the actual raw data worksheet?

And, can you post a screenshot of the worksheet results (manually formatted by you) that you are looking for?

To post a small screen shot (NOT a graphic, or, picture, or, flat text) try one of the following:

MrExcel HTML Maker
If you do not know how to install and how to use HTML Mr.Excel Maker

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To test the above:
Test Here

Or, you can upload your workbook to (the BLUE link-->) Box Net ,
sensitive data changed
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Jan 9, 2008
Try this for data in "A & B" and "C & D" for results starting F1"
[COLOR="Navy"]Sub[/COLOR] MG01Apr10
[COLOR="Navy"]Dim[/COLOR] RngA [COLOR="Navy"]As[/COLOR] Range, Dn [COLOR="Navy"]As[/COLOR] Range, n [COLOR="Navy"]As[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]Long[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Navy"]Dim[/COLOR] oval, oMax
[COLOR="Navy"]Dim[/COLOR] RngB [COLOR="Navy"]As[/COLOR] Range
[COLOR="Navy"]Dim[/COLOR] col [COLOR="Navy"]As[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]Integer[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Navy"]Dim[/COLOR] ColA, ColB
[COLOR="Navy"]Dim[/COLOR] Q
[COLOR="Navy"]Set[/COLOR] RngA = Range(Range("A2"), Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))
    [COLOR="Navy"]Set[/COLOR] RngB = Range(Range("B2"), Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))
        oMax = Application.Max(RngA.Count, RngB.Count)
            [COLOR="Navy"]Set[/COLOR] RngA = Range("A1").Resize(oMax + 1)
                ReDim Ray(1 To RngA.Count * 2, 1 To 4)

[COLOR="Navy"]With[/COLOR] CreateObject("scripting.dictionary")
.CompareMode = vbTextCompare
        [COLOR="Navy"]For[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]Each[/COLOR] Dn [COLOR="Navy"]In[/COLOR] RngA
            [COLOR="Navy"]For[/COLOR] col = 1 To 2
                oval = IIf(col = 1, Dn.Value & "," & Dn.Offset(, 1), Dn.Offset(, 2) & "," & Dn.Offset(, 3))
                [COLOR="Navy"]If[/COLOR] Not .Exists(oval) [COLOR="Navy"]Then[/COLOR]
                    [COLOR="Navy"]If[/COLOR] col = 1 [COLOR="Navy"]Then[/COLOR]
                        ColA = 1: ColB = 0
                        ColB = 1: ColA = 0
                    [COLOR="Navy"]End[/COLOR] If
                    .Add oval, Array(ColA, ColB, 1)
                    Q = .Item(oval)
                    [COLOR="Navy"]If[/COLOR] col = 1 [COLOR="Navy"]Then[/COLOR]
                        Q(0) = Q(0) + 1
                    [COLOR="Navy"]ElseIf[/COLOR] col = 2 [COLOR="Navy"]Then[/COLOR]
                        Q(1) = Q(1) + 1
                    [COLOR="Navy"]End[/COLOR] If
                    Q(2) = Application.Max(Q(0), Q(1))
                    .Item(oval) = Q
                [COLOR="Navy"]End[/COLOR] If
            [COLOR="Navy"]Next[/COLOR] col
        [COLOR="Navy"]Next[/COLOR] Dn
[COLOR="Navy"]Dim[/COLOR] k [COLOR="Navy"]As[/COLOR] Variant
[COLOR="Navy"]Dim[/COLOR] rw [COLOR="Navy"]As[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]Long[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Navy"]Dim[/COLOR] Ac [COLOR="Navy"]As[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]String[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Navy"]Dim[/COLOR] Bc [COLOR="Navy"]As[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]String[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Navy"]For[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]Each[/COLOR] k [COLOR="Navy"]In[/COLOR] .keys
    [COLOR="Navy"]For[/COLOR] n = 1 To .Item(k)(2)
        rw = rw + 1
        Ray(rw, 1) = IIf(n > .Item(k)(0), "", Format(Split(k, ",")(0), "dd_mmm"))
        Ray(rw, 2) = IIf(n > .Item(k)(0), "", Split(k, ",")(1))
        Ray(rw, 3) = IIf(n > .Item(k)(1), "", Format(Split(k, ",")(0), "dd_mmm"))
        Ray(rw, 4) = IIf(n > .Item(k)(1), "", Split(k, ",")(1))
    [COLOR="Navy"]Next[/COLOR] n
[COLOR="Navy"]Next[/COLOR] k
Range("F1").Resize(rw, 4) = Ray
[COLOR="Navy"]End[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]With[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Navy"]End[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]Sub[/COLOR]
Regards Mick


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Apr 1, 2015
Thank you, Mick.

That was exactly what i need.

Best regards,

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