Comparison between two data tables


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May 21, 2015

I need a vba code which could compare 2 worksheets which has data in different sort order

The data tables have no primary key and I need help in identifying how this can be compared to identify differences by reducing manual effort

Once the data is compared between 2 worksheets, the code should provide results in the 3rd tab or a new tab called “Results”

So really appreciate any effort..
Thanks in advance

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Jul 8, 2014
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365, 2010

You mention that the data tables have no primary key, this leads me to believe that you are familiar with Access and Tables and Queries. If that is the case and depending on what version of Excel you are using, you could use the MSQUERY.exe app that has come with all the versions of Excel that I have used (no Office365 and not later than Office 2010). This would open up a window that is essentially the same as an Access Query Design window.

It would not be feasible for me to try and give you a step by step but if you have used Access then you should be able to figure out what needs to be done. It fits your requirements perfectly.

Just a thought.

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