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May 12, 2015
Hello experts,

I work in an organization where those who require data needs, want it spoon fed to them. I have a complex report which I'm utilizing pivot tables to help filter. My issue is the things they want to view could be easily done if they would use the slicers BUT they won't.

So what they want to view is staff compliance(nurse and doc then broken down by in/out), the overall unit compliance(ie. all staff broken down by in/out). they then want to view this data monthly and each area separately and include the "n".

I'm struggling with the easiest way to create this chart monthly without using a pivotchart.

Your insight is greatly appreciated.

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Undo last command with Ctrl+Z or Alt+Backspace. If you use the Undo icon in the QAT, open the drop-down arrow to undo up to 100 steps.


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May 12, 2015
Thanks! I'll looking into this.. I'm not too familiar with dashboards so any tips would also be appreciated!

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