Complex Index match or sumproduct?


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Oct 16, 2011

I'm stuck. I have a table where I want to read the dates depending on country and row type.

THEN - populate this on another table under the relevant date with a code.

So here's my table I am reading from (sorry I can't paste it as a table for some reason?):

Imp Type ININ
Client Notification DateSTART10-Jun-1917-Jun-19
Client Involvement TimelineWeeks1414
Launch DateGO LIVE02-Sep-1909-Sep-19
PLANNINGWk 1 - 4From 10-Jun-19 To 08-Jul-19From 17-Jun-19 To 15-Jul-19
IMPLEMENTATIONWk 4 - 11From 08-Jul-19 To 26-Aug-19From 15-Jul-19 To 02-Sep-19
OBT UAT TestingWk 7 - 8From 29-Jul-19 To 05-Aug-19From 05-Aug-19 To 12-Aug-19
Communication Phase 2 & 3Wk 9 - 12From 12-Aug-19 To 02-Sep-19From 19-Aug-19 To 09-Sep-19
POST-IMPLEMENTATIONWk 12 - 14From 02-Sep-19 To 16-Sep-19From 09-Sep-19 To 23-Sep-19


Then I want it to appear here as shown (then I will apply conditional formatting to colour code the different parts of the plan):


<colgroup><col><col><col><col><col span="2"><col span="3"><col span="3"><col><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody>

I think I may need this as a helper table and lookup but since I have so many countries I would rather try and read from source.
I've played around with INDEX MATCH but need it to find the week and write under it the code.

Any help greatly appreciated!
thank you!


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Oct 16, 2011
OK so I've made a start but this works for the first row and then gives wrong results for following columns?
I can't understand why as I fixed the range and columns to drag across?


this is what is in my second column

This is what I'm getting which is correct for Argentina but Brazil should have START under 17-Jun?
Also another country has a start date of 2-Sep but it's appearing as START using above formula under 16-Sep? I can't figure out why?



many thanks for any advice!


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Oct 16, 2011
Ok so I solved the previous issue and here's my formula:

=IF(COUNTIFS(Table5[[#Headers],[ARGENTINA]:[VIETNAM]],Table2[@[Country]:[Country]],'Client Engagement Transition'!$D$4:$Z$4,Table2[[#Headers],[10-Jun]])>0,"START",IF(COUNTIFS(Table5[[#Headers],[ARGENTINA]:[VIETNAM]],Table2[@[Country]:[Country]],'Client Engagement Transition'!$D$6:$Z$6,Table2[[#Headers],[10-Jun]])>0,"GO",IF(COUNTIFS(Table5[[#Headers],[ARGENTINA]:[VIETNAM]],Table2[@[Country]:[Country]],'Client Engagement Transition'!$D$7:$Z$7,Table2[[#Headers],[10-Jun]])>0,"PLAN","")))

This works for 'START', 'GO' however 'PLAN' date is contained within text.

From 10-Jun-19 To 08-Jul-19


So it's not picking it up. I'm thinking to is number search but since I want to return all the weeks within 10-jun to 8-jul as 'PLAN' , perhaps it's better to say find the start date and mark all 4 following columns as 'PLAN'?

can someone help with this piece? many thanks

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