Condditional format or forumula?


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Jul 31, 2010
I am working on a work book to manage a log for calling people back into work for overtime. There is a list, sorted by Rank and seniority. For the process you get 3 refusals (strikes) and you are removed from the list until the next quarter. Once you work, it goes back to zero. So far, the left side of the screen will be a Log to show names, phone numbers and how many strikes they have. The right side is the log of phone calls. We do down the list, then once at the bottom, we start over at the top.][/URL]

Uploaded with][/URL]

I have made a time stamp when the person enters there strike on the right side of the screen.

What I would like to do is have that strike on the right side of the screen (column N and R) automatically fill in to the Strike Column on the left side the of screen (J). That would not be so hard, but as you can see the column will change each time I start at the top of the list again. Once it fills up, then it will go to even another column.

Is there anyway to accomplish this or would I be better off to set up the sheet in another way?

Thank you

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