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Sep 29, 2014
Hello all,

I'm working on a Gantt spreadsheet broken down by week to track our tax deadlines. Primarily I track: when the notice is received, the date it's due and the date it's submitted. The Gantt chart works great for this, however, I would like to set an additional conditional formatting rule that will change the format of the cell representing the last full week prior to the due date as well as a second rule that will change any weeks following that due date to a different format.

This way, just by glancing, I can see the last full week I have to meet the deadline as well as any penalties I can expect if the deadline isn't met.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded off of Dropbox here:

The first tab, "Tax Schedule", is the sheet in good order needing the revision. The second tab, "Example", is a sheet that appears the same as the first, just with notes and arrows listed to explain what I'm looking for.

Any and all help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kara

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