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Aug 7, 2014
In cell A1 I have the number 100 and in cell B1 I have the Green, Yellow, Red icon set so that:

- if the value of cell B1 is greater than A1 the dot is green
- if the value of cell B1 is equal to A1 the dot is yellow
- if the value of cell B1 is less than A1 the dot is red

Applies to = $B$1 and Values of both > and >= is =$A$1

I need to apply this to over 400 rows but cant figure out how to do it as excel barks at me when I try and remove the $ and says "you cannot use relative references in conditional formatting for color scales, data bars, and icon sets" and format painter does not work either. I really don't want to set this up 400 times in a row - Help?


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Mar 31, 2015
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Well, ya can't do that. When Microsoft fixes this deficiency there will be a national holiday declared.

But don't hold your breath. If you don't mind having the Icon Sets appear in the cell beside your target cell, try this. And when I say 'appear' I mean 'appear to appear' because the Icon Sets cannot be adapted.

In A1 put 100, which is our control value. In B1 through B3 put 120, 100, and 80 respectively (and so on for 400 rows). In C1 through C3, paste =UNCIDOE(11044) and then colour the font some shade of red. Select cells C1 through C3. Create two new CondFrmt rules: 1) =B1=A1 and choose some shade of yellow for the font; 2) =B1>A1 and choose some shade of green for the font.<strike></strike>

This thread ( tells me that the RGB values for the Excels Traffic Lights icons are as follows:
Green: 104,164,144
Amber: 234,194,130
Red: 192,80,77

This reference has all the Unicode characters you could ever wish to look at; this is where I got character 11044, which is a big ole dot.<strike></strike><strike></strike><strike></strike><strike></strike><strike></strike><strike></strike><strike></strike><strike></strike><strike>
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