Constant problems between Word, Excel and Onedrive


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Jul 7, 2020
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Good afternoon
I have a huge problem between Office and Onedrive and I can't find the cause.
My PC is an I7 with Windows 10, I work with Office 365 Personal, and the Word and Excel files are on Onedrive.
I have an Excel file with several sheets (data base and forms) that manage employees, contracts, tools, among other things. It has the size of 1.8 Mbytes.
The Word file serializes the employees' contracts.
At the moment there are 4 people using the file, but rarely are more than 2 people at the same time.

Errors are when:

1º The connection between Word and Excel, there are times when you are constantly asking to be connected with the Excel file. Sometimes the entire "Mailing" menu is gray. Just by deleting the file and going to get another file that I have in reserve.

2nd Almost constantly, the excel file gives errors when saving. The errors are varied, but almost always says that you need to save a copy of the file. Other times it says that the file is read-only. Other times we want to save with another name and it gets so messed up, that we have to close the files and lose the information that we had put in the file.

I'm starting to get a little lost in the search for a solution to these problems, so I ask the group for help, to be able to know if it is a hardware error of a machine, if it is from Onedrive, if it is an Excel programming error that I have been to do, etc ...

I really need help from someone who knows what might be happening.

Thank you for your help

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