Convert other number formats to US formats regardless of regional settings


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Feb 23, 2011
I'm creating a file that will be sent out to regional offices around the world. We've created a tool that automatically copies pertinent data to a Powerpoint presentation to submit to the corporate office, but I've noticed that all number formats remain in the local currency or date format (like commas replaced by periods and vice-versa for Europe)

Is there a way to tell Excel to display all formats for certain cells in US number formats? I need it to work without changing settings on everyone's machines (as they're located around the world). I've tried using the TEXT formula but have had no success.

The client prefers no VBA but if we have to go that route I'd be willing to do it.

Thank you for any suggestions.


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Feb 23, 2011
In case anyone else has had the same issue, I did some playing around and came up with a solution. It's not perfect but works for me - if anyone has a better idea I'd love to hear it. Basically I used the TEXT forumulabut basically had it show normal number formatting and entered the dollar signs, periods, and commas myself. I needed a few different codes for different types of data:

For displaying a price (dollars and cents): ="$"&TEXT(ROUNDDOWN(A2,0),"0")&"."&TEXT(ROUND(A2-ROUNDDOWN(A2,0),2)*100,"0")

For currency, no cents, but including a comma for values over 1,000: ="$"&IF(A4>=1000,TEXT(ROUNDDOWN(A4/1000,0),"0")&","&ROUNDDOWN((A4/1000-ROUNDDOWN(A4/1000,0))*1000,0),TEXT(ROUNDDOWN(A4,0),"0"))

For dates (just needed month number and year so this was easy): =MONTH(A5)&"/"&YEAR(A5)

For numbers up to 999,999 (no dollar sign): =IF(A6>=1000,TEXT(ROUNDDOWN(A6/1000,0),"0")&","&ROUNDDOWN((A6/1000-ROUNDDOWN(A6/1000,0))*1000,0),TEXT(ROUNDDOWN(A6,0),"0"))

None of these work for values over 1,000,000 (it wouldn't get the second comma) but that didn't matter for my needs.

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