Convert QuattroPro 8 macros to VBA for use in Excel 2000


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Sep 7, 2002
I have had QuattroPro for a couple of years now. I have written several spreadsheets which incorporate macros. I want to use these in documents to others. But most users have Excel and not Quattro. I can transfer the spreadsheet and the macro to Excel and everything looks normal. However I now find that Excel will not execute Quattro macro as Excel uses Visual Basic about which I know nothing. Does there exist an application or emulator which will convert Quattro macros to VB?

A copy of the spreadsheet and macro has been placed in Web Storage:
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The problem is not in converting Quattro files to Excel, it is in EXECUTING the macros which were written in Quattro. In fact, the article you linked to says that the macros will not work. My only hope is to find that some kind soul has written a program to convert Quattro macros to VBA. But this may not be in the cards. Thanks for your reply.
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I finally found someone with whom to commiserate.

I work for an NPO funding old people, and ALL our spreadsheets, like a million, are in various versions of Quattro.

98% of my posts involve questions on rebuilding the spreadsheets in Excel, which doesn't suck like Quattro.

First the bad news:
in my countless hours of conversion, I have found absolutely NO WAY to do any type of line-macro conversion to modular code.

Second, the other bad news:
The Quattro to Excel converters out there, which only help to maintain formats, work, I don't know, NEVER! (okay maybe 1 in 10)

My only success has come using the Save As command in Quattro to save as an older version of Excel file, like 97, or V5/V7. I then open the sheet in Excel, it will be locked for whatever reason, just unlock it, then youl find some of your formats intact, like colors. No borders though.

This is my ongoing job since I have scores of spreadsheets still to convert.

I wish you the best of luck in this project, and if you have any insights, or breakthroughs, PLEASE let me know!

Good Luck,
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I guess you and I are the only 2 people in the world who have this problem. Which explains why no one has bothered to write an application to convert line to module. Oh well--- Now I have to learn VBA. I have posted this problem in a dozen places. Should I hit pay dirt, I will let you know.
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I thought both Quattro users had retired years ago.



A Goggle search on converting Quattro macros to Excel was not promising. The consensus is that the macros have to be converted manually.

However, a program called "Conversions Plus" claims to be able to convert Quattro Pro 6 files. I haven't tried it personally, but it gets mentioned a lot when this question comes up.

Other posts to Google suggests that you should save your Quattro files as a Lotus 123 Version 3 (.wk3) file. Open this ".wk3" file in Excel, and then Save As an Excel 97 or 2002 workbook. Your multiple tabs will come across in the conversion. Most or all of your formulas will translate, also. If Excel can't translate a particular formula, it will tell you and then put a small red triangle in the upper right corner of the cell where the translation failed. Colors do not translate well. In particular, you will lose the ability to color the tabs themselves.

You may wish to post a question to:

Microsoft.public.excel.123quattro, which is MS's attempt to help Quattro people who have withdrawal symptoms.

Finally, MS has something called a Quattro converter. I'm not sure what it converts, but it may be worth a look. pro converter

Good luck,

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I was all excited about the Lotus 1-2-3 trick, I was hoping I could maintain borders...

but, alas

I tested this method, and while I do like the idea of the little red triangles, Excel seems to do a much poorer job with 1-2-3 files that Quattro ones.

Having experimented quite a bit with this, saving Quattro files as V5/V7 XL files seems to maintain the most properties(column-widths, shading, formulas, tab-names)

Every now and then, when attempting to save as in Quattro, it will tell you that the formulas can only be saved as values. You definately don't want this. When you get this message, I found the best thing to do is open XL and Quattro at the same time, and just copy and paste the sheets. It actually works pretty well for formulas, but you'll lose your formats.

Formulas are more important than formats, though!

The MS converter was the one to which I referred in my first post, its a great idea, but works, literaly, about 1 in 10 times.

I don't feel so alone anymore!!!


I checked out your link to see if I could help, but its defunct :)
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I got a house full of relatives the rest of this week. Then I intend to digest all the goodies you sent me. Thanx.
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