Copy Data from One Sheet to Another Based on Date Chosen


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Oct 13, 2015
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In my file, I have a sheet that contains the entire roster over many months [and years] - called Full Roster

To make it easier for the user to locate the required Roster for completion, I have created a sheet called Input sheet.

This is what I would like to do with it:

1. The user opens the Input Sheet [will be renamed later]

2. Enter the date required [Must be a Monday Date

3. The file will then locate the correct date in the Full Roster sheet and copy the data for the entire week [Monday - Sunday] - Rows 3:68 for that week and paste them into Columns H:N in the Input sheet

4. Once the update is complete the user either clicks a button and it then copies the new data back to the correct place in the Full Roster sheet or automatically copies as changes are made [though this method would or could update up to 23600 times if all fields are changed

Any ideas how I might achieve this??

Happy for it to use formulas or VBA

Thanks for looking guys and I will continue to try for myself and update if I get anywhere close

Happy to provide sample file but unable to create attachments as not allowed :(


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