Copy Row(s) based on cell data from one sheet to another, shifting cells down.


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Jan 23, 2018
Hello and thank you in advance for the help,+

I will try and explain this the best i can without confusing anyone to include myself. I have a workbook of sheet1:sheet5. Sheet1:sheet4 has data that i would like to
consolidate on sheet5 based on cell values in columnA from the other for sheets. Sheet5 has row1, row3, and row5 populated with data that cannot change and is used to
describe the data based on the cell values from sheet1:sheet4. So... i need sheet1:4 with the rows with columnA cell value "apple" OR "apple2" to be copied to sheet5
inserted after row1 but before row3. So that order would be row1 at top, then row data from sheet1, then row data from sheet2, and so forth, then row3. Then the cell
value of "banana" OR "banana2" from each sheet to be inserted after "row 3", but before "row 5". Sheet5 will also need to change (preferably automated) when data from
sheet1:sheet4 is changed or removed while not leaving any gaps in data on sheet5. I believe i have found all the parts needed for what i need, but do not know enough VBA to
Frankenstien it together.

Thanks again for any help with the VBA, thinking logic, or articles to read to help.

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