Copying data from one workbook into another workbook based on specific data in the first workbook


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I have a worksheet tracking sales reviews. I want to copy specific cells from that worksheet to a sheet in another workbook depending on whether or not a given cell in the first worksheet contains the letter Y. The first worksheet will be looked at by me every Monday and I would like any new rows of data in that copied across if the given cell contains Y, and any cells that have already been copied across to be updated (i.e. copied again) if additional text has been added since the data was last copied. I don't know VBA and have limited macro writing skills and would really appreciate any help that can be given.
I hope I have explained my problem and need clearly!


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An example would be great, at least for me...
However, instead for searching for updates, can you copy all over again? In other words, every time you run the code, you are going to copy all cells with Y, even if that were copyed earlier or not. But on the other sheet you have to delete before importing the new data. Am I making myself clear?

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