Copying Worksheet with Chart issues


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Feb 17, 2009
First time posting so be gentle!

I have developed a worksheet for work which, amongst other things, presents a single embeded chart with log-log scales but which has two series plotted. The first are a number of datapoints (7-15), the second is a reduced data set and is essentially a regression line of sorts e.g. only has a start and end point (2 points). The built in excel regression lines were not sufficient.

The worksheet is a test certificate for tests that we do, and from time to time we need to have multiple tests (worksheets) within a workbook. To do this, using the worksheet.copy command in VBA we duplicate the worksheet within the workbook. The problem is that the subsequent worksheet charts series are still referencing "Test 1" rather than the new worksheet "Test 2", "Test 3" etc.

Even manually copying the worksheet results in the same issue. The issue does not manifest itself were we to only have a single series plotted.

This has only been an issue when we have "upgraded" from Excel 97 to Excel 2007. I have managed all other issues (VBA) etc but this fairly basic issue has me stumped.

Any suggestions gratefully recieved.



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Feb 17, 2009
Have established issue is my IT Dept not installing SP1 to Excel, issue now resolved but wanted to close out for other people suffering the same

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