Cost calculation below and above together


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Mar 17, 2019
I have a set of data and i have d
one vlookup what i need is to calculate cost on two different base levels

heres a link to the image.

now i when i enter data that is in the lvl column in the second table and the third table i have set for vlookup to get the data corresponding to that lvl in the total column.. for example as below and in the image above
i want to calculate cost of the totals based on a set lvl that is lets say like if level 5 is starting lvl in the first table and ending or req level is 65 in the second table for it the base level is set to 50 want get it base on that lvl 50. if below level 50 (Cost is 20) and if above 50 (cost is 10) keep in mind the cost is calculated based on the total but also starting lvl total isnt calulated just only the final lvl req total and also there is a difference between the totals. i hope i have explained or am I confusing you guys.

id lvl total id lvl req total Difference Gained lvl cost below base lvel cost above base level
a 7 650 a 55 32223 31573
b 60 45000 b 75 65000 20000
c 25 8500 c 45 25000 16500

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