Counting Names in one column, only IF there is a date entered into another column

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Hi Guys,

Just joined the forum so I could post a question as I've searched for an answer to this on the net and couldn't find it.

I have a spreadsheet with employee names (Advisors) in one column (H) and when the advisor generates a new client application we put the application date in another column (T).

What I need to be able to do is count the number of applications each advisor has (broken down into each month) and keep count as dates are added.

If tried CountIFS and read some solutions with SUMPRODUCT but not managed to adapt it for my needs and kept getting errors, I know some of the basics with excel but am a bit of a novice (especially compared to you guys).

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to the MrExcel board!

Would Excel's Pivot Table feature be sufficient?
Assuming the columns between H & T also have data you can create it directly as shown below. If blank columns between then post back for a work-around if you think this might be useful.

Excel Workbook
1AdvisorApplication DateCount of Application DateMonth
2Advisor 71/01/2019JanFebMarGrand Total
3Advisor 65/01/2019Row Labels
4Advisor 725/01/2019Advisor 2134
5Advisor 225/01/2019Advisor 411
6Advisor 531/01/2019Advisor 5112
7Advisor 22/02/2019Advisor 6112
8Advisor 63/02/2019Advisor 7213
9Advisor 220/02/2019Grand Total56112
10Advisor 221/02/2019
11Advisor 722/02/2019
12Advisor 423/02/2019
13Advisor 55/03/2019

Yorkshire Man

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply, yes it might do the trick, mine doesnt display as yours in the picture but it does give me the data so that's great.

I'm struggling to get it to display by month though so i've inserted a timeline, that doesn't show all the months side by side though. Propably just need to hit a button somewhere.

Thanks so much.

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