Counting Number of Students Registered per Semester


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Sep 14, 2010
I'm looking for an easy way to take a student's academic plan (for the next 2-4 years) and match the classes that they take with the semester they take it, and then do that for 175 other students and counting. The semesters will change depending on the students, but they all take the same classes with the exception of one elective course.

From what I've read, it seems like it would be a pivot table, but I can't wrap my head around how to make it work. All the files are based off the same template. When a student is beginning this program, their coursework until graduation is mapped out for them. Then, to get an idea of how many students will be in each course each semester, we have a separate spreadsheet that I manually add "1" for each time a semester matches that course.

I've been looking over these forums for the last few days and can't figure out if the answer is a pivot table, VBA to run a folder sweep (all the students' academic plans are in the same folder, with only that file type in there, but the names are either "student name_student#.xls" or "student name_semester.xls" so a bit inconsistent), or just some CSE formula.

For the record, I switched to an anthropology major in college when I got a B in Visual Basic with my parents' help haha. So I'm now pretty far outside my element.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and let me know if more information is needed. If it would help having the template and the current course registration table I am using, I can upload them if I can figure out how.

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Sep 14, 2010
After I posted this help request, I saw what a mess the folder was in. There have been updates to students' academic plans, and the new copies are also saved in the main folder. However, the template looks slightly different. It still contains the same information pertinent to my problem, but it means the cell locations would be different. In addition, since some students have more than one plan (original and updated versions) in the folder, I would only want to count the most recent.

One plan per student in the folder (the most recent), plus any that are added after the fact would need to be counted by the summary sheet.

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