Create Org Chart Mgmt Levels from flat file


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I have a listing of 500 employees with one data field that gives the next reporting manager by name but not employee number. Ultimately there are up to six levels of management to get to the Regional manager. What formulas or structure could I use to create a management hierarchy which will identify the Regional Mgr as Level 1 and all subsequent managers perhaps down to level 6 for every single employee. Some intermediate management will obviously only have a few names and not all the way down to Level 6.

Example below is what i would like where only the first three columns plus last field for immediate reporting mgr.

aaa123456Smith, JohnReg Mgr
aac999999Jones, BobWorkerSmith, JohnJordan, MichaelManning, PeytonJulio, JonesRoy, PatrickHarper, BryceHarper, Bryce
aab555555Jackson, BoSuperSmith, JohnJordan, MichaelManning, PeytonManning, Peyton


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