Creating A Search Database..Need Help

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Dec 2, 2005
Hi, i need help constructing a search model database. The scenario is below:

A user enters a season number into the desired cell/field.
Using the season number, the worksheet will retrieve all available data from the imported data and display selective data.

The book contains two sheets: the imported data and the search page.

Here is the sample data:
1TitleSeasonAir DateStardateSynopsis
21100100111/2/198841365.9The Bynars take control of Enterprise.
3A Fistful of Datas69/11/199246271.5Data becomes the villain in a Holodeck malfunction.
4A Matter of Honor26/2/198942506.5Riker serves as first officer on board a Klingon ship.
5A Matter of Perspective312/2/199043610.4Riker is accused of murder.
6A Matter of Time518/11/199145349.1The Enterprise plays host to a visitor from the future.
7All Good Things... Part I723/05/199447988.1Picard tries to prevent the destruction of humanity.
8All Good Things... Part II723/05/199447988.1Picard tries to prevent the destruction of humanity.
9Allegiance326/03/199043714.1A replica of Picard replaces him on the Enterprise.
10Angel One125/01/198841636.9The crew travels to a planet with a matriarchal society.
11Aquiel61/2/199346461.3Geordi falls in love with an alien murder suspect.
12Attached78/11/199347304.2Picard and Beverly face their feelings for each other.
13Birthright, Part I622/02/199346578.4Worf and Data set out on journeys to find their fathers.
14Birthright, Part II61/3/199346579.2Worf risks his life to inspire younger Klingons.
15Bloodlines72/5/199447829.1Picard learns he has a son.
16Booby Trap330/10/198943205.6The Enterprise is ensnared in an intergalactic booby trap.
17Brothers48/10/199044085.7Data faces his creator and his evil brother, Lore.
18Captain's Holiday32/4/199043745.2Picard's vacation is interrupted by time travelers.
19Cause and Effect523/03/199245652.1The Enterprise is trapped in a time warp.
20Chain of Command, Part I614/12/199246357.4After being reassigned, Picard is taken hostage.
21Chain of Command, Part II621/12/199246360.8The crew attempts to rescue Picard from Cardassians.
22Clues411/2/199144502.7Data lies to the crew.
23Code of Honor112/10/198741235.25Tasha is kidnapped.

Here is a sample search page:

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