Creating an interactive list in VBA for scheduled appointments


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Jun 10, 2014
The Big Picture: I am a casting director making appointments for actors in Excel. The times for their appointments are specific. Three sheets labeled as follows: 1) "Master sheet" for calling out appointments and times for all actors being considered 2) "Not interested in the appointment" 3) "Final audition schedule" sheet to print for Producers and Directors to have during the actual audition.

Specific Issue: I would like an interactive VBA that can do the following: If actor B1 (Name) meets the conditions in A1 (time) and C1 (is interested in the audition) then they (and their time/agent name and the character name) are listed in sheet 3 in sequenced time. If in "Master Sheet" B1 the actor is not interested (or not available) then two things need to happen 1) The name (B1) goes into sheet 2 formatted in a list (with the agent name and reason for the "no" in additional columns) and the "master sheet" B1 is cleared for another name to be added (or inserted).

So Far: I have used formulas to copy (repeat) information into the appropriate sheet when the criteria is met (drop down box's for time and agent) yet I simply cannot find a way to "clear" the master sheet for a new actor while adding the "not interested" actor in sheet 2 in a growing (expanding) list as appointments are called out. I need the "Not interested" information for the director and our records.As this is an ever changing document used by several people in our office, I need to have the information immediately available or refreshed continually as calls are made.

Here is where I plea for help, use icons, and tell you how much this means to my business and sanity...with affection and admiration.

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