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Dec 21, 2009
I'm in the process of developing a solution using Power Query and/or VBA.

For the purpose of taking any set of data (from a List Object) and converting this for interface into a financial ledger (automated journal creation).

This will involve using userforms and list/comboboxes to:

  • Map the Table columns to the interface file column names
  • identify the columns with values/amount
  • identify columns that will drive the coding

For this I'm happy I have a plan and can see it through, I'm posting for ideas about how to translate the above into a template file so that the user doesn't have to go through the same steps for the same data on a weekly/monthly basis, instead they will load the template file and all options will automatically be assigned.

My intial thoughts are that the three steps above and selections made will be stored in 3 different arrays.
These results will then be saved into one txt file for retrieval at a later date.

Is there a format that would best suit this (JSON, XML)???

Thanks for any input,
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