Custom Toolbars with Macros LAST STAND!

Ron Walker

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Sep 6, 2005
I have been sifting thru the posts of thousands for a month and I have seen a lot of stuff in regards to the "Custom Toolbars" and "Macros" that are "Attached" to them. A lot of useful information has been gathered from this experience, as well as a lot of new questions arise as the first one is you might say. Postings will show that I am not alone in saying that there are some serious questions that need to be aired out on the above subject, and it would be nice if we could all work together for a moment and assemble(in one place) the wealth of information that has been scattered across many postings(in pieces at that). I will list the questions I currently have on the topic and hope to get good participation as I will also be adding anything I can to this posting as questions progress.
1. Custom Toolbars and Macros need to be Attached to the Workbook each time they have been modified. YES
2. Toolbars need to be deleted "UponClosing" in order for revisions to be installed upon re-opening. YES
3. Toolbars can be "Enabled", "Disabled","Visible", or "Deleted" using Visual Basic code. YES
4. Toolbars are stored in .XLM format, not in .XLS. YES
5. Toolbars can be on top,bottom,left or right of screen. YES
6. Workbooks with "Custom Toolbars" that have been "SavedAs" and closed can be re-opened without any ill-effect on either workbook. ?
7. Macros as well will not be "renamed" and fail to function due to "SaveAs." ?

Thank you all for your input on this posting and I hope to share with you soon......Ron Walker :biggrin:

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