Date Change between worksheet files


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Aug 20, 2018
Hi everyone!

So my problem is I work for a busing company.... That is my main problem but not the one I am posting about. I need to get information from one sheet that has all our trips for the year on it to show up on another separate file. i did the simple tried and true = then click the cell I want to move over then enter and it worked on the time, driver, and location of the trip but not the date! for example we have a trip scheduled for 9/11/20 *in this format* but when I select it to move over on the other page is shows up as 9/10/16! so somehow I lost 4 years and one day in the transfer! any ideas?

Just some back ground about the worksheet I am trying to take the info from. It is a list of our trips for the year that we add to when we get new trips. now when the year is over I simply delete the old trips and re save it with a new name with the new year so last years was 2019-2020 trip Cal this years is 2020-2021 trip cal I do not know if reusing the same basic file screwed that up or not.

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