Date Picker not displaying in correct cell when worksheet opened


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Oct 19, 2014
Hi Everyone, Hoping I can get some help with this problem (be kind please I'm a first time poster :) )
I have just discovered the date time picker and have inserted it into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is saved as a macro enabled template however when I open either the template itself or a new version the date time picker drop down box is not where I saved it (in cell D8), rather it appears it the top left corner over the column titles of A B C. If I scroll a little it goes back to the correct cell (D8), however I'm giving this to other people to fill out and don't want to have to tell them to scroll before entering data.

I'd insert a screenshot but I'm a bit of a nube and don't know how to get the location of the pic to a URL address to insert it.

Thanks for any idea/help


Oct 23, 2004
sounds like at some stage you are selecting A1 and when its pasted it goes to the selected cell

you can post your code between [code ] [/code] tages


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Oct 19, 2014
Thanks, that was the first thing I thought of too. The drop down actually appears above the A1 cell, where you would normally select the column A or B so I didn't think that would be it but I tried it again making sure A1 was not selected and the same thing happens.

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