DAX Formula for last corresponding text value in Max Date


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Jan 27, 2020
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I am using Excel 2016 and have a very similar problem to the question posted in this previous thread:

DAX Formula for last corresponding value in Max Date

The solution given in the comments of that post work perfectly if the values I'm trying to show are numbers, but they don't work if they are text strings. When I try and use it on text strings I don't get a formula error or anything, the cells in my pivot table are just blank.

Here's the formula that works for numerical values but is not working for text values:
IF ( HASONEVALUE ( Campaigns[Campaign_Status] ), VALUES ( Campaigns[Campaign_Status] ) ),
FILTER ( ALLEXCEPT ( Campaigns, Campaigns[Campaign_Status] ), Campaigns[Date Entered] = Max(Campaigns[Date Entered] ))

Thanks for any help!

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