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I'm using the following method from Imke to produce a nicely formatted pivot table in Excel: https://www.thebiccountant.com/2016/07/21/easy-profit-loss-account-scheme-reports-power-bi-power-pivot-dax/

However, I am building on this to produce projected numbers.

For each reporting heading the user can choose to use a YTD average for the remaining periods or the latest month for each of the remaining periods.

The first measure is the same as Imke's post:
Amt_ :=
CALCULATE ( [Amt], AccountsAllocation )

The next measure uses the selected projection method to work out how much is to be applied to each future period:
BasisMonth :=
IF (
MIN ( ReportsAccountsLayout[Level] ) > 0,

IF (
[pBasis] = "YTD Average",
/ (
MAX ( CurrentPeriod[CurrentPeriod] )
- TRUNC ( MAX ( CurrentPeriod[CurrentPeriod] ) / 100 ) * 100
FactActuals[Period] = VALUES ( CurrentPeriod[CurrentPeriod] )

For October CurrentPeriod[CurrentPeriod] would be 202007. The financial year starts in April.

And finally, the basismonth is multiplied by the number of remaining periods:
ProjectedActual :=
* (
- (
MAX ( CurrentPeriod[CurrentPeriod] )
- TRUNC ( MAX ( CurrentPeriod[CurrentPeriod] ) / 100 ) * 100

At the moment subtotals are returning blanks (Bold in BasisMonth measure above) because I have no idea how to return the correct result.

Is anyone able to help?
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I went back to the drawing board and had a little think and I think I'm making it more complicated than I need to.

I'm currently trying to apply different formulas in the same measure and am trying to ask the subtotal to deal with this.

Instead what I think I should do is create three measures.

YTDMeasure - that calculates the YTD average or returns null if the Basis is montly
MonthlyMeasure - that calculates the current month or returns null if the basis is YTD
BasisMeasure - that sums the two above.

Which hopefully means the two different projection methods would propagate through to the subtotal..?!?!??11

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