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Sep 5, 2018
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Hi I have a user-form with the following attributes

CBserial is a s dropdown list that populates from a worksheet called "LocationData"
TextBox2 1 is textbox that gets populated from the value on the dropdown list above
Image2 is a placeholder for the product images

currently the image in Image2 changes according to the item listed in TextBox2 1 pretty much the Stock number that is linked to cell range in column B.

1.) all images are located in a folder named "images" currently located on my desktop
2.) the filenames are .jpg images match the product name in column B

is there a way to point to an image that is a placeholder (kinda like the yearbook picture not available)
in other way what is the easiest way whats the easier way to declare a default image for a user form image field when no data is available?

VBA Code:
Private Sub CBserial_Change()

On Error Resume Next

'If CBserial.ListIndex <> "" Then


'Image2.Picture = LoadPicture(ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Images\default.jpg")  "<----------this code I tried with no sucess"

'End If

  Dim f As Range
  TextBox1.Value = ""
  TextBox2.Value = ""
  TextBox3.Value = ""
  TextBox4.Value = ""
  TextBox5.Value = ""
  TextBox6.Value = ""
  TextBox7.Value = ""
  TextBox8.Value = ""
  TextBox9.Value = ""
  TextBox10.Value = ""
  TextBox11.Value = Date + Time
  If CBserial.ListIndex > -1 Then
    With Sheets("LocationData")
      Set f = .Range("MasterSerial").Find(CBserial, , xlValues, xlWhole)
      If Not f Is Nothing Then
        TextBox1.Value = .Cells(f.Row, 2) 'LIN
        TextBox2.Value = .Cells(f.Row, 3) 'MATERIAL #
        TextBox3.Value = .Cells(f.Row, 4) 'ADMIN #
        TextBox4.Value = .Cells(f.Row, 5) 'DESCRYPTION
        TextBox5.Value = .Cells(f.Row, 6) 'SECTION
        TextBox6.Value = .Cells(f.Row, 7) 'ROOM
        TextBox7.Value = .Cells(f.Row, 8) 'DESK/SHELF
        TextBox8.Value = .Cells(f.Row, 9) 'LOCATION
        TextBox9.Value = .Cells(f.Row, 10) 'SLOC
        TextBox10.Value = .Cells(f.Row, 11) 'Signed by
        TextBox11.Value = .Cells(f.Row, 12) 'dTE
        Me.Image2.Picture = LoadPicture(ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Images\" & TextBox2.Value & ".jpg")
        MsgBox "Dont exists"
      End If
    End With
  End If

End Sub

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