Deleting Rows with coinciding positive and negative values


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Nov 5, 2020
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Hello, new here and I apologize if I don't follow the correct etiquette, nonetheless, I wanted to know if there is a way to write a formula which can delete rows if it meets certain criteria and it has corresponding positive and negative values, for example, say we have the following three values columns

2856467 99745 1
2856467 99745 -1
4556434 87452 2
1856434 78549 7
The formula I thought would be, =IF(A1=A2,IF(B1=B2,C1+C2,""),""), which I know is incorrect, but it was my first attempt. Essentially, what would make this better would be to have it check al four entries on column A, and then once it finds a match have it check all four entries in B, and once again when it finds a match then if the values in C coincide but are inverses of each other, i.e. one positive-one negative then these two would be deleted. If these conditions were not met we would leave them alone. Would this be something that would be possible to do? Thank you all help is greatly appreciated, as I am still a beginner in Excel.

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