Disable Refresh in Power Query workbook to create backup?

Maggie Barr

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Jan 28, 2014
Hello and thank you in advance if you can help,
I have put together a Power Query workbook with Pivot tables. All my data is through links, so I will, hopefully, then be able to have everything refresh to provide the new output as I get new data on a monthly basis. I would like to know if I can somehow disable all refresh on a copy of the workbook so that I have a backup of what was produced each month, essentially making the workbook run off of only what it has in its memory. If I don't, the intended back up will refresh when I open it and thus not provide the results for that month. I know that I can create sheets of the pivots as values, but it would be nice to still dive into the pivot to clearly see what variables came from what queries etc. should the need arise.
Pretty new to this still, so any advice would be appreciated.

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