Distributing specific information from one sheet onto 4 more sheets depending on values


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Nov 9, 2019
Hello everyone,

I've been doing some research lately on this forums threads seeing if I can find a solution that is similar to the situation I'm in, but have found that while some come close, they weren't necessarily the fix I was looking for.

I have a workbook where I'm forced to distribute information from a main sheet onto to 4 other sheets depending on 2 columns. Usually I would just filter the information and copy and paste, but recently figured there might be an easier way to do this.

The main sheet looks like this:

I then divide the information on here to 2 of 4 possible sheets

Actioned requests, Actioned incidents, Analysis of requests and or Analysis of incidents

Depending on whether the ticket had an action performed and if its an incident or request, the information will be transfered to actioned requests and actioned incidents, which is where column J and K come into play. Information from columns H and J not necessary.

They will always transfer the information to the analysis regardless of it being actioned or not, but will be divided depending if its an incident or request. Information from columns C, D, F and L not necessary.
This sheet as well transforms the possible options for status in column E from the main log sheet to Yes or No.
Resolved = Yes, Pending = No, Escalated = No. "If not reason" is the "comments" from the first sheet, and "last person to update ticket" is the "agent" also from the first sheet.

Honestly, I've been pushing at work to simply use the main sheet, and abolish the 4 other sheets in the workbook as it contains all the information needed. I haven't had any luck though :(, so if anyone can help me find a solution it'd be great, I tried using formulas to see if I could just quickly transfer the information over, but I ended up having to have two different workbooks one for incidents and one for requests, so I think I may have done something wrong there.

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Jul 3, 2012
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welcome to forum.

One approach that you may be able to take is to use AdvancedFilter Copy. This would simply copy the required data from your master sheets to the sub-set sheets you create.

However, all the sub sheets must contain field headings that exist in the master sheet otherwise the extract will fail.

It would be helpful to forum if you could place copy of your workbook with sample data in a dropbox.


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