"Don't Fear The Spreadsheet" - The Corner of My Selection Isn't Selected!: Podcast #1563

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This video has been published on Jun 22, 2012 .
When selecting a Range of Data, the Cell in the corner I start at is never selected; why? In Episode #1563, Bill explains that the cell is actually selected as part of your Range and why that particular Cell differs in color from the rest of the Cells that you've selected. From that point, Bill shows a variety of Excel Tricks to use when you have a Range of Cells selected.

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Transcript of the video:
Don't fear the spreadsheet episode number 2.
The Corner of My Selection isn't Selected.
Hey, welcome back to the “Don’t fear the spreadsheet” podcast. I am Bill Jelen from MrExcel.
Here's today's question.
Tyler Nash: “Oh, MrExcel, this is making me crazy.
When I select a range the corner that I started in is not highlighted.
How can I select a range so that the corner I started in is also highlighted?” Oh Tyler, I see what you mean.
So everything here is in blue but this one cell, the cell that you started in is in white and if you select down here, it's that cell okay.
So here's what's going on.
That cell is actually in your selection you selected B3:E10.
The light-colored cell though is the active cell.
That lets you know if you actually type something right now and press Enter.
That cell will be the cell that gets that value.
So if I type 111 and press ENTER, you see that cell B3 gets that value and then we move down to the next cell, so you can tell which cell within the range is about to get that number.
Now, I have a couple of really cool tricks.
One trick is if you select a range and you want to fill that entire range with the same thing, so we'll type 100 here.
Rather than press Enter, hold down the Control Key and press ENTER and bam, it'll fill the whole thing in.
Now this is a really small range here to fit the ipod screen but what if you had hundreds of thousands of rows?
Another cool trick is to use control period.
Control period will move to another corner of the selection, now that's really I don't need to come out of here.
But what I'm really trying to do is get to down here so control period, you see it, rotates around and you can use that to quickly move from, let's say, you're at the bottom.
You want to move back up to the top but you don't want to unselect Control Period move you back to the top of the spreadsheet.
So, right here that Control Period is a real great way to move quickly to the top or bottom of a selection off.
If I'm at the top and I have to go to the bottom, oh yeah, then it's three times to get down there but is still a faster way than scrolling all the way down.
Why hey, I want to thank Tyler for that great question.
I want to thank you for stopping by.
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