Dynamic Arrays Debut September 24

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Hello Bill ...

LOVE your article and your video #2233 ...:)

Seems that it will be a lot of Fun with this beginning of a new Excel Era ...!!!


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About time they caught up with Google! ;)

This will make sorted, unique DV lists so much easier to maintain!


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Hello Bill,

Would you happen to know if Excel 2019 on-premises version will include all these great functions you are describing with Modern Arrays ...

Thanks a lot for your insight ...!!!

Eric W

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The new functions and the new calculation engine are already impressive. I've looked over MrExcel's downloadable treatise on them, and it looks really promising. I'll have to relearn how to do things. I hope one of the future functions they hint at is a SPLIT function like VBA has. It seems like a natural fit for the new paradigm. You could have a Text-to-Columns done via formula. Bill showed a way to update the old formula way, but that still looks awkward.


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I purchased a yearly subscription to Office 365 because of these new features, only to find that they are still not included. When will they be available?

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