Dynamic update of the database when you change the linked cell?


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Feb 12, 2019
Hi, all

I am a new user and novice without VBA knowledge. The hardest formula I can use is about Index/Match so please be nice :).
I am looking for a solution which does below;
1. A cell which looks up a value from a separate tab. I currently do this by index match. (ROW10 SUPPLY FCST key figure drives the dynamic calc)
2. I would then need to make changes to the lookup cells for a real time valuation of supply and Weeks of cover calculation and so on.
3. Then I would like this to be saved back to the original table where it was looked up from.

Now I have thought about this many times and came to a conclusion this needs to be done by some sort of a VBA macro where it will find the changed data Vs. the original table and make changes in the table. If anyone have any idea this could be done I would much appreciate it.
Please see the attached file for the design. I just need the supply fcst line to be stored in a table automatically where it actually was looked up from.
I plan to link this to Access database or SQL server where the forecast data will be held but I want to keep it simple and keep it in a tab and maybe after the change I can mass upload to actual database?

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