Easiest way to update data in a shared Offline Excel Workbook


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Mar 6, 2019
Good day everyone!

I share an Excel workbook through Dropbox. It's a character sheet for a roleplaying game. It allows users to pick from a plethora of options to create their character, those options then get calculated in a few other pages that the user can then export into PDF. They can always update their character's stats in the work book later on as they progress in the game.

My issue is, every time I add new character options --to the hidden sheet that houses all my data-- this renders all my users' workbooks outdated. They basically need to re-create their character all over again to make sure the options they have access to are the most up to date. Big pain in the neck.

What would be the best route to take if I wanted to separate my "hidden data sheet" from the main workbook? This tends to be the page I update the most and I would rather make it so my users can "import the new data" whenever I release a new version.

The ideas that I've run into during my research have been: Create an .xml file, convert my workbook into a sharepoint application, and convert all the data into external references (very difficult though, I have a lot of data validation dropdowns).

Thank you anyone who can lend their time here.

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