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Hi guys,

Having a bit of a brain fart today and cannot get my head around this..

I want to be able input a COST (what it costs me) into lets say A2
I then want to be given a PRICE of what I should sell it for..

Fee's that are incurred are: 9% eBay Fee + 20% on top of that for VAT (so 10.8% total eBay fee)
3.4% + 0.20 Paypal Fee's

For example..
I would input £5.50 into A2, it would then calculate a PRICE of £6.67 (£0.72 ebay fees, £0.42 paypal fee) leaving: £0.03 profit..

I would really like to specify how much % profit I'd like to make also..
so Input COST and PROFIT %, then it gives me PRICE that i'd need to list it at to make that profit

any help would be appreciated, thanks :)

Swapnil Shah

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You can get the price for given profit % based on below logic

Price = (1+(eBay Fee%*(1+VAT%))+Profit%)*Cost

Please note that Profit % is calculated based on (Profit / Cost) and not based on (Profit/cost including charges and VAT)

Swapnil Shah


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Still not quite there though.. I populated that to the following:
A1 being: £5.50
that's coming out at: £6.37

This doesn't take into account the 3.4% + 0.20 paypal fee's
these fee's are on top of the final cost (but then so is the ebay final value fee)

I hope I'm being clear? conscious I'm confusing myself let alone you!
Hopefully someone who understands the ebay and pp fee's etc will be able to decipher what I mean! lol


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If I follow you correctly and take it step by step I get Net Cost of £6.48 ? Not even trying to round numbers there.
Cost    Ebay    VAT    PayPal%    PayPal£    Net
    9.00%    20.00%    3.40%    £0.20    
£5.50    £0.50    £0.10    £0.19    £0.20    £6.48
Swapnail's formula shows £6.49
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