Edit/Update listbox and activeworksheet


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Aug 20, 2019
Hello. I am new here and am hoping someone can help me.

I have a userform (Userform1)
which has 2 comboboxes, 4 textboxes, 1 listbox and a few commandbuttons.

I have the userform working well except for the edit and update buttons.
The edit and update buttons are only for the search part of the userform. I was setting it up so that the user, if he/she made a mistake can click on the cbosearch button which loads the activeworksheets data into the listbox (Listbox1). He/she would then select the row from the listbox, then Clicking on the edit button will load each column into the appropriate comboboxes and textboxes. after editting/changing the fault, the update button will be clicked saving the same rowsource data, well that"s what i want to happen. This is not happening for me.

The code below is for the edit button and update button.

Private Sub btnEdit_Click()
If Me.ListBox1.ListIndex = -1 Then 'not selected
MsgBox " No selection made"
ElseIf Me.ListBox1.ListIndex >= 1 Then 'User has selected
i = Me.ListBox1.ListIndex
With Me
.cboCategory.Text = ListBox1.List(i, 0)
.cboOutlet.Text = ListBox1.List(i, 1)
.txtRecieptNo.Text = ListBox1.List(i, 2)
.txtAmount.Text = ListBox1.List(i, 3)
.txtDate.Text = ListBox1.List(i, 4)
.txtOtherInfo.Text = ListBox1.List(i, 5)
ListBox1.ListIndex = 0
End With
End If
End Sub
This seems to be working fine.

Private Sub cmdUpdate_Click()
ListBox1.List(i, 0) = cboCategory.Value
ListBox1.List(i, 1) = cboOutlet.Value
ListBox1.List(i, 2) = txtRecieptNo.Value
ListBox1.List(i, 3) = txtAmount.Value
ListBox1.List(i, 4) = txtDate.Value
ListBox1.List(i, 5) = txtOtherInfo.Value
Exit For
Next y
Call myNew
End Sub
This is where i have been stumbling. I've got the listbox updating, but cannot figure out the code to update the activeworksheet.

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