EDITING MP3 IDv2 info via excel


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May 16, 2003
Hi guys,

Firstly, happy holidays to you all. Here's to a fantastic new year...


I have seen 'all' the threads here on editing the id3 info of a MP3 file, but I cant find one which matches my problem exactly.

I have found the code for editing IDv1 information, and I have found the code for 'getting' IDv2 information on a file (which works fine as a 'getter', and I would disseminate it, but it seems pretty high-end stuff for my knowledge), still I can't find one which (obviously) can edit IDv2 information.

Can anyone help please?



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May 16, 2003
Thanks mr click, that looks good!

Could you (or anyone!) please expand a little on how to use the ocx file? It's nt something I'm too familiar with. Do I have to copy the ocx into a particular dir?

Could you perhaps post some sample code too?!


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Sure. The zip file you will download from the provided link will give you handful of files. The OCX(which is a control - like a textbox, combobox, ect). This is a control that does not contain a user interface but simply provides an interface to the developer. To use it, simply copy "PanthersMp3TagOcx.ocx" to the same path as your workbook or register the control in one of two ways.

Start, Run.
Type in this syntax:
regsvr32 "Path...\\PanthersMp3TagOcx.ocx"
where path is the folder location of the ocx file. This will register the ocx and make it available to your projects. Here is an example on my computer.

regsvr32 "C:\Documents and Settings\Tom\Desktop\Mr Excel Files\PanthersMp3TagOcx.ocx"

Or from the Control Toolbox in Excel, you can click on "More Controls", Scroll all the way down and select "Register Custom Control", browse for the ocx file, doubl-click the file or click Ok.

Once the control is available, you can add it to a form. Unfortunetely, the developer did not provide a type library so I think that you have to add it to a form to use it. Maybe somebody can tell me how to reference this directly in code???

Anyway, here is how I use it in Excel...

Add a userform and rename it TagEditor. Right click on the Toolbox in VBA and choose "Additional Controls", scroll down for PantherMp3.... or browse for the OCX file if you have not registered it yourself. Add the control to your userform and rename it Mp3TagEditor.

Now, from anywhere in your project you can use it as such...

Dim TE As TagEditor

Sub EditSomeTags()
    With TE.Mp3TagEdit
        .ID3v2_Filename = "mp3 File path here..."
        If .ID3v2HasTag Then
            .ID3v2_Album = "New album name"
            .ID3V2_Artist = "New artist name"
        End If
    End With
End Sub

If you need more specific help, post away...


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