Embedded Index and Match and If statements


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Mar 3, 2012
{=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(IF(COUNTIF(Table1,INDEX(Table1[User ID], MATCH("Yes", IF(Table1[Asset]=Sheet2!$C8,Sheet1!L$2:L$343),0)))>1, "Double", INDEX(Table1[User ID], MATCH("Yes", IF(Table1[Asset]=Sheet2!$C8,Sheet1!L$2:L$343),0))),Table1,7,FALSE)&") "&(IF(COUNTIF(Table1,INDEX(Table1[User ID], MATCH("Yes", IF(Table1[Asset]=Sheet2!$C8,Sheet1!L$2:L$343),0)))>1, "Double", INDEX(Table1[User ID], MATCH("Yes", IF(Table1[Asset]=Sheet2!$C8,Sheet1!L$2:L$343),0)))), "")}

Can anyone make this formula more efficient, or write it in VBA?

I would like to use the Named ranges, however this formula has to be replicated 15 columns across and 35 rows down. The formula is correct as is and can be dragged/copied. in a table.

All of the named ranges are arrays

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Mar 3, 2012
Sorry the formula I added was from the clipboard and was messed up... this is the correct formula.

=IFERROR(IF(COUNTIF(Table1,INDEX(Table1[User ID], MATCH("Yes", IF(Table1[Asset]=Sheet2!$E8,Sheet1!L$2:L$805),0)))>1, "Double",(VLOOKUP(INDEX(Table1[User ID], MATCH("Yes", IF(Table1[Asset]=Sheet2!$E8,Sheet1!L$2:L$805),0)),Table1,7,FALSE)&") "&(INDEX(Table1[User ID], MATCH("Yes", IF(Table1[Asset]=Sheet2!$E8,Sheet1!L$2:L$805),0))))), "")

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