Entries close Friday! Last chance to register!


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Jun 29, 2014
Registrations for 2014 World Financial Modeling Championships close Friday 5pm NY time.

The World's Ultimate Finance Contest starts Saturday around the world with a 2-hour online challenge. Test your Excel and modeling skills against colleagues and peers - set yourself the goal of reaching Round 2, Gold Class (Top 10%) or even the New York World Finals. There's a challenge for everyone.

ModelOff is for:
ANYONE: Professionals & Students
ANYWHERE: Accessible around the world (90+ countries)
ANY LEVEL: Analysts, Managers, CFOs, etc.

All you need is an internet connection, some decent Excel/VBA skills, and a knowledge of how models are built and can be used. Particularly suitable for people with a finance/banking/accounting/quant/actuarial background.

For all contest details + to register, visit modeloff.com
Entry is $30USD for Professionals; $20USD for Students

Email matt@modeloff.com with any questions.

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