Excel 07 - Barcode Scanning with auto entry of current date and a constant number - Please Help


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Oct 30, 2014
Hi - I am looking to create a record log in Excel 07 by scanning in various barcodes with one of the scans triggering an auto entry of current date in column A and a constant data in column F. Seven columns total with indefinite amount of rows.

My current setup: I can scan six columns with barcodes and have to manually enter current date (A column), then tab over to column B and continue scanning the remaining columns. I "unlocked" (Format/Protection) the seven (A-G) columns and protected the sheet. This allows me to return to the first (A) column after my last scan. Column six (F) is a constant entry was also wondering if this can also be automatically entered. I do not want any future scans to overwrite any previous data as some items may eventually return again.

My desired outcome: When I scan in column B (persons name) I would like for the current date to auto enter in column A and a fixed entry "4500 PSI" auto enter in column F. Then I would continue with the remaining scans. Challenge will be to not overwrite Column F. If this can't be done that I am open to moving Column F into column B and sliding remaining columns over. Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

DateName of Person FillingCylinder Serial NumberManufacture DateHydrostatic Test DateFinal Cylinder PSIBreathing Air Source
10/29/2014Greg DoeALT- 245098040604064500 PSIUnit 25
10/29/2014Greg DoeOK 169824040607114500 PSIUnit 25
10/30/2014John Sammy4500 PSI


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Pup Denab

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May 12, 2013
Hi Station18
Welcome to the forum, you could always use the inbuilt function of excel, form
to add to your tool-bar,
go to excel options
show all commands
search down to the command "form"
add to your tool bar
save, restart excel
select all the columns you want
then press the form button on the tool-bar, a pop up box will appear, you can then scan your data in their, it will put it in your sheet


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Oct 30, 2014
Thanks so much Pup! I will try the inbuilt function and let you know how it turns out.

This is my first time posting, but the forum has been great. There are other threads that have helped or guided me in accomplishing other situations. I'm very appreciative of people like you that respond with ideas or different avenues, as I'm no expert in excel ~ Only an average user!

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