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Jul 22, 2010
Dear VBA-county,

I know from a little bit with the VBA programming, but not otherwise come to my current problem. Therefore, I would try if I might help in this way someone can. (I use MS Excel 2007)

I have the following case:

E: \ versuch3 \ Write.xlsm

E: \ versuch3 \ Data1 \ Read_AAA.xlsx
E: \ versuch3 \ Data2 \ Read_BBB.xlsx
E: \ versuch3 \ data3 \ Read_CCC.xlsx

The file 'Write.xlsx' serves as the master. Proceeding from this, I would like to choose different files 'Read_XY.xlsx' for values that are subject to two conditions - namely 'Symbol' and 'Date'.

Here's an example:
Cell D2: Assignment (AAA)
Cell E2: Symbol (e.g. ABC.DE)
Cell F1: Date (e.g., 07/22/2010)

Column A: Abbreviation (e.g. ABC.DE)
Column B: Date (e.g., 07/22/2010)
Column C: value (34.3)

The following function I have yet to determine the appropriate value from a 'Read_XY.xlsx' file and the file 'Write.xlsx' transfer:

Wert_F2 = IF (SUM ((A: A & B: B = E2 & F1) * 1), INDEX (C: C, MATCH (E2 &F1; A: A & B: B; ));"")

The resulting figure to me so I could transfer the file 'Write.xlsx'.

Now it is so that the evaluation of such files have reached levels that this form of data collection with very onerous.
Therefore I am looking for a way to simplify the process.

It would be really great if someone a code (or at least be a part of it) that I could use for the following:

1st Step: search for the file containing the mapping in the file name (in this case: AAA)
2nd Step: Open the file ('Read_AAA.xlsx')
3rd Step: reading the desired value in dependence of the two conditions (for 'Read_AAA.xlsx')
4th Step: reading the desired value (in 'Write.xlsx')

I hope that I have clearly described and someone is found who would help me with this problem and can.

Thank you in advance!

Your Christine:)

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