Excel 2007 - Worksheet Activate Event Problem


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Mar 23, 2010
When this event is triggered, I get a message "Object or Library Not Found" as if it is looking for the VBA Object library, which should have been loaded. The worksheet name is "Input|Output". Is there a conflict between two events? I attached the code below for help Thanks!

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
Dim quote As String
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.EnableEvents = False
quote = Chr(34)
'if the system of units is US, update the formula for US units. This step is needed regardless of system.
If ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Input|Output").Range("I19").Value = "US" Then
Range("C5").Formula = "=IF('Input|Output'!I17=" & quote & "ADF" & quote & ",'Input|Output'!B28,'Input|Output'!B29)"
'if SI units are selected, convert MLD to m³/d by multiplying by 10^6/10^3 = 10^3
Range("D5").Formula = "=IF('Input|Output'!I17=" & quote & "ADF" & quote & ",'Input|Output'!I28*1000,'Input|Output'!I29*1000)"
End If

'if the system is not MBR, end the procedure here so that MOS tank dimensions are not carried over
'If ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Input|Output").Range("I18").Value = "no" Then
' Application.ScreenUpdating = True
' Application.EnableEvents = True
' Exit Sub
'End If

'units, MBR (yes/no), chemical P and RAS
Range("units").Formula = "=IO_Units"
Range("MBR").Formula = "=IO_MBR"
Range("Pr").Formula = "=IO_Pr"
Range("H4").Formula = "='Input|Output'!I15"

'check if MBR is yes; if so, update the tank formula, otherwise use that as rearation tank.
If ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Input|Output").Range("I18").Value = "yes" Then

'if US units are required, use MOS tank dimensions in ft
If ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Input|Output").Range("I19").Value = "US" Then
'tank length
Range("E96").Formula = "='Input|Output'!B38"
'tank width
Range("E97").Formula = "='Input|Output'!B39"
'water depth
Range("E98").Formula = "='Input|Output'!B40"

Else: 'if SI units are required, use MOS tank dimensions in m
'tank length
Range("F96").Formula = "='Input|Output'!I38"
'tank width
Range("F97").Formula = "='Input|Output'!I39"
'water depth
Range("F98").Formula = "='Input|Output'!I40"
End If

End If

'update formulas for influent water quality parameters
Range("C6").Formula = "=IO_Inf_BOD_Conc"
Range("C7").Formula = "=IO_Inf_TSS_Conc"
Range("C8").Formula = "=IO_Inf_Ammonia_Conc"
Range("C9").Formula = "=IO_Inf_TKN_Conc"
Range("C10").Formula = "=IO_Inf_Nitrate_Conc"
Range("C11").Formula = "=IO_Inf_TN_Conc"
Range("C12").Formula = "=IO_Inf_TP_Conc"
Range("C13").Formula = "=IO_Inf_Alk_Conc"

'update formulas for effluent water quality parameters
Range("C16").Formula = "=IO_Eff_BOD_Conc"
Range("C17").Formula = "=IO_Eff_TSS_Conc"
Range("C18").Formula = "=IO_Eff_Ammonia_Conc"
Range("C19").Formula = "=IO_Eff_TKN_Conc"
Range("C20").Formula = "=IO_Eff_Nitrate_Conc"
Range("C21").Formula = "=IO_Eff_TN_Conc"
Range("C23").Formula = "=IO_Eff_TP_Conc"

'new code Nov 2010
'if check box to override formula is true, don't update
If chkRASOverride.Value = False Then
Range("RASREC").Formula = "=IF(MBR=" & quote & "yes" & quote & ",IF('Input|Output'!I17=" & quote & "ADF" & quote & ",'Input|Output'!B36,'Input|Output'!B37)/100,1)"
End If

'site conditions and RAS rate
Range("Elevation").Formula = "=IO_Elevation_US"
Range("Elevation_SI").Formula = "=IO_Elevation_SI"

'new code December 2010===================================
'design & minimum temperatures
Range("Design_Temp").Formula = "=IO_Design_Temp"
Range("Min_Temp").Formula = "=IO_Min_Temp"
Range("F31").Formula = "=32+(1.8*Design_Temp)"
Range("F32").Formula = "=32+(1.8*Min_Temp)"
'new code December 2010===================================

Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Application.EnableEvents = True

End Sub

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Aug 21, 2005
quoted from ref: excel vba - "Can't find Project or Library" for standard VBA functions - Stack Overflow
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I had the same problem. This worked for me:

  • In VB go to Tools » References
  • Uncheck the library "Crystal Analysis Common Controls 1.0". Or any library.
  • Just leave these 5 references:
    1. Visual Basic For Applications (This is the library that defines the VBA language.)
    2. Microsoft Excel Object Library (This defines all of the elements of Excel.)
    3. OLE Automation (This specifies the types for linking and embedding documents and for automation of other applications and the "plumbing" of the COM system that Excel uses to communicate with the outside world.)
    4. Microsoft Office (This defines things that are common to all Office programs such as Command Bars and Command Bar controls.)
    5. Microsoft Forms 2.0 This is required if you are using a User Form. This library defines things like the user form and the controls that you can place on a form.
  • Then Save.

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