Excel 2010 crashes when attempting to use Data Connections to Access

Lt. Krul

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May 6, 2002
I have Excel 2010, with a Worksheet that uses Data Connections (connecting to an Access 2016 Dbase on our Server). it has worked fine for years but recently when I attempt to open the Worksheet, it opens fine IF Data Connections are not enabled. As soon as I enable Data connections (click "Enable Content") immediately Excel crashes with "Microsoft Excel has stopped working", "...trying to recover your information...", and "...Restarting"...and finally "File Error. Data may be have been lost". Then the Repaired Worksheet opens and some of my cells are messed up that were not prior to the crash. NOTE: It works fine opening from a PC which has Excel 2016 on it, but NOT from the machine that has Excel 2010 on it (Windows 7). Again, this is a recent (last couple of weeks) development. I've never had a problem prior. Perhaps I'm missing some DLLs or some other files on me Windows 7 machine?

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