Excel Auto-Fill Feature and linking Documents


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May 2, 2013
Project #1 - The Simple One

At work we use two main documents that we have to fill out prior to going to a work site. The first form is called " General Work Order Form" and then on that form after we determine the "Scope of work", we choose an appropriate SWMS Form that are two forms that are required prior going to a work site. My experience with excel is very limited, But the office is required to fill out Job Number all the way up to the next page where it says Hired Equipment.

The General Work Order Form and SWMS form both have some similar aspects, like both list client, job number, I just want to have the ability to auto fill on each. Also under the scopes of works section we have choices and if I was about to make drop down menus for those to make it easier to choose from. This way it saves time when filling out the forms. I am going to attach the two forms, would it be possible to resend an edited version where these simple changes can be made.

Project #2

NOW This one seems much more difficult and I don't even know if its possible especially with my lack of excel experience.... but any suggestions would be great,

At my job I am working on a project for a construction company. I am going to my best at explaining this in a simple process. What my goal here is... to basically make my job as "Data-Entry" somewhat useless by using problems that can create the work for you. Obviously there is still a need for data entry but if we could have the ability to pull up records and generate folders with sub-folders based off of important on an excel document, it would make the system more universal. So I am going to try to make a short list and see if this is possible to be completed. receiving

utilized excel document to generate information about the each client and job site information. There is a current excel spreadsheet that was the original document.

Basically the document had a job number, date started, date finished, supervisor, client, town and council. So for Example D1501 could be one of the job numbers. With the new excel file I created, I have this current information as well as added additional information that is required prior to starting the job, during the job, and when the job is complete. There is a Job Folder where a site worker has to fill out a Work Order form. Different areas of these work order forms.

Step 1) I am trying to figure out if there is a way of linking the two documents, the old one with the new one. I want to be able to enter a job number and the details appear on the spreadsheet.

Step 2) Also- beyond the excel file which is called the "Job Register" We have a folder that we keep in our hard drive for each job. For example there would be a folder called D0463, Cherrybrook Rd, Sydney. In that Folder there are sub-folders like Documents, Drawings, Final Photos, Site Records. This is the tricky part which I am not sure is possible... Instead of doing two separate data entry, is there a way you can link excel to generate folders, and as the job goes along I can just look up the job number and say for example since the job was in the process "A master plan got attached, as well as photos" Could I just get them to generate into the subfolder of the job number?

I know this sounds confusing, I am going to provide examples and perhaps if anyone has any suggestions to simplify the process where there is more organization, less data entry, and a more unified system to make it run smoother?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Nov 1, 2008
The forum requests you to have only one problem on a thread, else how are we to make sense of it?

as to linkingI would have the two forms in one workbook, save a new version for each job and then have formulas in the 2nd form that refer to the cells on the first form. Easy peasy. So if you ned further assistance, please repost.

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