Excel Charts not updating


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Sep 25, 2013
I have found a lot of questions online to this problem and wondering if someone here has a solution.

I have a workbook with about 20 different line and bar charts. The data is fed by one master table of table (contains EVERYTHING) and then another smaller table that pulls from the master table through a series of lookups based on the users selection. The Lookups are working fine (all rows of data are populating correctly - so I know that it isn't a setting of 'manual' vs. 'automatic' udating) but for some reason the charts are not all updating correctly. For example, I have one line chart with 7 lines that pulls from 7 rows of data and 5 of the lines are updating but the other two do not. If I cut and paste the chart, all 6 lines are correct but then I get the same problem the next time I run a new LookUp.
We rely on the graphics on this page for a dashboard so we need to ensure the data is updated based on the user selection (no easy way to tell if the data didn't update unless you check the data table against the chart each time) I prefer not to create a macro if possible since this adds another complication when we update the workbook each month.

Any solutions out there?


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