Excel Datamodel refers to orignal file data when saving as new file.


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Jan 29, 2018
My workbook contains 2 different tables of data (table1 andtable2) both data tables have a column named “Product” and from each data tableI have created a pivot table (pivottable1 and pivottable2)
In order for me to be able to use one single slicer toselect/filter the same value in both pivot tables I had to create arelationship between my tables. Since both of my tables have duplicate valuesin the “product” column I had to create a third table (table3) withoutduplicates and create connections between table1 and table3 + table2 andtable3. From table3 I created a pivot table including the in the data model andinserted a slicer for product. (The data model is also included in pivot tables1+2 otherwise the slicer will not work)
This works really great. The slicer can control all 3 pivottables.
My issue occurs when I update my data (which I do weekly)and save to a new file with a different name, the connections in data refer tothe original file where the relationships were created.
If I disconnect these connections the pivot tables lose allcontent and there is no way to change the data source.
Does anyone know if it is possible to create relationshipsbetween tables without also creating a data connection that remains when theworkbook is saved as a new file?

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