Excel format? (I don't really know what's the problem here..)


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I have an Excel file that is pretty simple, 2 cells are link to other tabs and the third one sums the first two. Problem is I want to hide the decimal (whole numbers only), but when I decrease the decimals in the first two columns, the decimal disappears. So for example, 6.35 becomes 6.4 and 6.40 instead of showing 6.35 again. Even if you undo, it will show 6.40.

Also, if you hide the decimals from the first sum (cell C3), cell F3 will show an error (#DIV/0!), even if the sum is higher than 0. Can anyone explains why?

I've uploaded the file here:


Thank you and have a nice day.

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Jun 29, 2014

Based on your uploaded sample, I don't see any problem as you described.

When and if you change the decimal places within "Number" formatting, Excel does Not change the value itself, it's "showing" you what you told Excel you wanted to see, value did Not change, only Visual.

And your #DIV/0! error is correct, in all the error cells within your sample, you were dividing by 0 (zero).

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That's weird. So if we take cell A6 (192.93) and you decrease one decimal, the sum still shows 192.93 and not 192.90? And if you undo, cell A6 is still 192.93?

Also, for the #DIV/0! error, I created a new Excel file from scratch and uploaded the file:


You can try at home with a new Excel, but this is the normal behaviour I'm expecting from Excel, in this file decrease the decimals from cell C2 so it becomes a 0, you'll see that cell F2 didn't become #DIV/0!, the result stayed the same whether you can see the decimals or not (like you said, the visual changed, but not the value). So I'm trying to know why it isn't the same with my other file.
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