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Jan 29, 2004
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What causes Excel to open to the template page when I close an established, often used Excel.xlsm workbook? Sometimes even only xlsx files.
All too often when I am through working on an xlsm file and close it after saving then a fresh instance of Excel opens to the startup choose your template sheet as seen here in this image.

In addition, sometimes when I have two instances of xlsm or combination of 1 xlsm and 1 xlsx open, one each to a monitor (I have 2 monitors) and close the file on my left monitor (which is the main display) and then close the remaining file that is on the right monitor (which is the extended display), then when I open a new instance of any worksheet it opens on the left monitor.

I have tried to repair my Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 and this does not alleviate the opening of the startup choose your template sheet. Opening only on the left monitor seems to be temporarily fixed, but as always, any time soon I have found that it does this again.

I would think this is a Windows problem, but Excel is the only program this happens with. Is it possible this happens because I use a lot of xlsm files?

Does anyone have any inkling why this happens. I would appreciate any leads.

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