Excel Pivot table - drawing from 805,800 lines of data


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Nov 28, 2013

Having trouble with a pivot table drawing from 805,800 lines of data, it handles 5 fields options but has a slight melt down when I request 6.

Trying to understand what the limitations are please e.g. is it the volume/value of data in the initial 5 fields or something else

Laptop specs: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-2520m CPU @2.50Ghz, file is on the company network drive.

Appreciate any guidance.

Thanks Liz

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Michael M

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Oct 27, 2005
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Hi and welcome to the Board
If you go to the Help Menu and type Specifications, you can find the limits for Pivot tables
Excel 2003 is listed below

Feature Maximum limit
PivotTable reports on a sheet Limited by available memory
Unique items per field 32,500
Row or column fields in a PivotTable report Limited by available memory
Page fields in a PivotTable report 256 (may be limited by available memory)
Data fields in a PivotTable report 256
Calculated item formulas in a PivotTable report Limited by available memory


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